Bellevue City Councilmember Lynne Robinson Media Mentions

Belleve Reporter
Advisory group, council tackle affordable housing in Bellevue

Councilmember Lynne Robinson has been at the tip of the spear for the council on affordable housing, working with other leaders on the issue in the area. “If people can’t afford to live here, that means we have more people coming to work and therefore more traffic,” she said. “We need to have affordable housing across a range of incomes.” … Read More

The Lens
Bellevue Baking New Medical Pot Rules

Allowing medical cooperatives in residential areas is also unnecessary because patients will be able to get medical weed from retail stores once the new law is in effect, added Councilmember Lynne Robinson. … Read More

Bellevue considers adding more red-light cameras

City council member Lynne Robinson says the council can leave the program as is, add cameras to two intersections (including 116th and 8th; 112th & 8th) and a school, or get rid of the program altogether. Robinson says she wants to learn more about the plans and impact, but adds: “I feel that when you have high speed intersections with pedestrians. Anything we can do to protect the cars and the pedestrians is a good idea." "If we can do it, that requires less manpower so we can have more officers in our neighborhoods protecting us there, that's a good idea. And if we can actually generate revenue that actually goes back to the police department, that's a good idea as well." … Read More