Lake Hills Transmission Line: City Council voted unanimously to approve the Hearing Examiner’s recommendation on the Lake Hill’s transmission line. The State Court of Appeals ruled, in the EBCC case, that there was nothing in the record that would allow Bellevue to deny the permit. Council upheld Bellevue’s codes and state law, which is required in a councilmember’s oath of office

Energize Eastside: Robinson has consistently pushed for less invasive infrastructure using renewables.

Lynne’s PSE Testimony:
“In 2012, Puget Sound Energy had the opportunity to develop and use energy saving infrastructure solutions that could be sold to other utilities allowing PSE to achieve their profit margins: Like smart grid battery-bank infrastructure for efficient storage and distribution of solar energy. They chose not to.
Today they could be combining battery banks with stand-by natural gas generators as part of a viable solution for peak time electricity demands that could be applicable to East King County and other utility districts where PSE is partnered to provide natural gas infrastructure. They have chosen not to do that as well.
PSE continues to push for energy production and infrastructure that is regressive and polluting.
As a rate payer, I do not support their proposed rate increase and I urge the WUTC to not approve this request until PSE demonstrates their willingness to use sustainable power generation, storage, distribution and transmission that includes the leading infrastructure technologies available today.
I encourage PSE to make the transition to ecologically sustainable systems that will preserve our fragile atmosphere while enabling Puget Sound Energy to remain a profitable, regional power company for now and future generations.”