Lynne Robinson has wide support across the Bellevue region. She believes in creating relationships and working together to get things done. That is what she believes in and those who believe in her have endorsed her.

Endorse Lynne Robinson and get her elected to the Bellevue City Council.


Dow Constantine, King County Executive
Ross Hunter, State Representative
Fred Jarrett, Deputy King County Executive
Bruce Laing, Former County Councilmemeber
Richard Foreman, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Claudia Balducci, Bellevue Councilmember
John Stokes, Bellevue Councilmember
John Chelminiak, Bellevue Councilmember
Penny Sweet, Kirkland Councilmember
Timothy Lee, Chinese Chamber of Commerce Chair
David Schooler, Sterling Realty
Vic Odermat, Brown Bear Car Wash
Judy Bushnell, former Bellevue School Board Member
Greg Johnson, Wright Runstead
Stuart Vander Hoek, Vander Hoek Partnership
Joe Fugere, owner of Tutta Bella
Charlie Luo, founder
Walter Liang
Rich White
Eric Campbell, CamWest Development
Steven Anderson PT, CEO Therapeutic Associates
Gretchen Raine, Gordon James Fine Diamonds 
Ron Sher, Chief Executive Officer Sher Partners
John Su, Su Development
Shankar Anakavour, Financial Controller, iLink Systems
Brian Brand, Baylis Architects
Mark D'Amato, DCI Engineers
Rob Rose, Brant Photographers
Zhigin Schultheis, owner Yuan Spa
Kristen Webb, Bellevue Discovery Center
Dr. Zaiga Phillips, Pediatric Associates
Susan Schwasnick, Bellevue Resident (North Bellevue)
Tom Rasmussen, Seattle Councilmember
Sally Bagshaw, Seattle Councilmember
Kimberly Allen, Redmond Councilmember
Denis Law, Renton Mayor
Fred Butler, Issaquah Councilmember
Doreen Marchione, Deputy Mayor of Kirkland
Amy Walen, Kirkland Councilmember
Bruce Laing, Former King County Councilmember
Terry Lukens, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Connie Marshall, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Nan Campbell, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Cary Bozeman, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Chuck Mosher, Former Mayor of Bellevue
Bob Davis, Former Mayor of Normandy Park
Lee Springgate, Former Bellevue Parks Director
Iris Tocher, Former Bellevue Councilmember
Margot Blacker, Former Bellevue Councilmember
Nancy Rising, Former Bellevue Councilmember
Jean Carpenter, Former Bellevue Councilmember
Cheryl Kuhn, Former Bellevue Neighborhood Outreach Manager
Francois Larrivee, Transportation Commissioner
Natasha Savage, President Eastern European-American Chamber of Commerce
Harry Hoffman, Executive Director of Housing Development Consortium
John Minnoch, DDS Bellevue
Matt Terry, Former Bellevue Director of Planning
Sherry Grindeland, Bellevue Parks Board Chair
Mark Van Hollebeke, Bellevue Parks Board Member 
Merle Keeney, Former Bellevue Parks Board Chair
Betina Finley, Former Bellevue Arts Commission Chairperson
Stuart Heath, Bellevue Parks Board Member 
Pat Sheffels, Bellevue Planning Commissioner 
Hal Ferris, Bellevue Planning Commissioner
Brad Helland, Environmental Services Chair
Keith Swenson, Enviornmental Services Vice Chair
Paul Weller, Enviornmental Services Commissioner
Bill Ptacek, Bellevue Arts Commission Chair and Director of King County Library System
Genevieve Tremblay, Bellevue Arts Commissioner
Jan Stout, Bellevue Human Services Commissioner, past Chair
James McEachran, Bellevue Human Services Commissioner
Ken Schiring, former Bellevue Planning Commissioner
Chiho Lai, Bellevue Library Commission Chair
Peter Maxim, former Bellevue Parks Board Commissioner and current Library Commissioner
Andrew Peabody, Bellevue Library Commissioner
Ernesto Simas, Transportation Commission Chair
Tom Tanaka, Bellevue Transportation Commissioner
Gerald Hughes, East Bellevue Community Council Vice Chair
Susan Flagg, Bellevue High School PTSA Executive
Jeanne Grote, Bellevue Network on Aging Chair, North Bellevue Community Center Vice Chair, Lead volunteer AARP King County
Steven Ratcliffe, MD Bellevue
Seth Franklin, MD Bellevue 
Cathy VonWald, Former Mayor of Woodinville
Bob Mergargle of Home Instead
Bill Merriman of Synergy
Lisa Macfarlane, Bellevue Resident
Ruth Lipscomb, Bellevue Resident (Newport Shores)
Olga Von Houck, President AuBusiness Club
Putter Bert, Executive Director KidsQuest
Howard Katz, BNOA member (Lake Bellevue)
Diane Carlson, former City of Bellevue Director of Intergovernmental Relations 
Karen Reed, former Bellevue Assistant City Manager
Sue Baugh, President of Move Bellevue Forward
Bruce Lowry (Bridle Trails)
Alex Camara, Chief Executive Officer of AudioControl
Rick Schweet, President of Kinetic Vision (Old Bellevue)
Stephanie Walters, Bellevue Resident (Spiritwood)
Jesseca Brand
Roxanne Shepherd
Bill Schultheis, Chair of Kirkland Performance Center Board
Diana Thompson, BNOA member (North Bellevue)
John Lui, DDS Bellevue
Daniel Warwick (North Bellevue)
Dr. Richard Kaner, Bellevue Medical Associates (South Bellevue)
Beverly Heyden, Community Volunteer (Bellewood)
Jane Selby Mitchell, Bellevue Pacific Regent
Juan Vegarra, Chairman and CEO at Vena Resources
Kelly Rider, Housing Development Consortium
Steve Holmes
Collin Jergens, FUSE (Old Bellevue)
Jeanne Grote, Lead Voluteer AARP King County
Tim Paine PT, owner Symmetry Physical Therapy
Mark Looper, Olympic Physical Therapy at Totem Lake
Bridget Lowry, Bellevue Resident (Bridle Trails)
Rob Mallicoat, Quest Software Inc.
Ann Pryde
Susan Reilly
Neil Chasan, PT, owner Sports Reaction Center
Bridget Schlosstein, Bellevue Resident (Meydenbauer Bay)
Charlice Wenger, Rn Overlake Senior Health Center
Terri Wilson, Concierge Care Advisors
Xu Wen, Bellevue Resident (Woodridge)
Matt Isenhower, Sr. Product Manager 
Lyndon Heywood, Bellevue Resident (Crossroads)
Alan and Pam Toelle, Bellevue Resident (Crossroads)
Ann Oxrieder, Columnist (North Bellevue)
Marie Jane Celaje, Founder of Cupids Indulgence (on-line dessert company)
Peg Jones, BNOA member, Bellevue Resident (Crossroads)
Ted Roy, Bellevue Resident (Meydenbauer)
Gina McSweeney, Bellevue Resident
Lisa and Craig Fleischman, Bellevue Residents
Roger Anderson, Chairman/CEO GLY Construction
G. Tomas Corsini, Bellevue Resident
Scott Griff, Bellevue Resident (Wilburton)
Steve Savard, Bellevue Resident (Enatai)
Charlene Nelson, Charlene Nelson Design Associates
Kim Sealy, Bellevue Resident (North Bellevue)
Steve Dennis, Bellevue Resident (East Bellevue)
Valentina Kiselev, President, Circle of Friends
Chris Marks, Bellevue School Board Member
Pam McFadden, Bellevue Resident
Ali Schoos PT OCS, owner Peak Sports and Spine Physical Therapy (Newport Shores)
John Rumpeltes PT OCS AT AT/L, Olympic Physical Therapy (Hilltop)
Rick Howes, Bellevue Resident (Woodridge)
Craig Chang, Bellevue Resident
Rourke O'Brien, Bellevue Resident
Sharon Mast, Bellevue Resident (Somerset)
Kathryn Degginger, Bellevue Resident
Ross Jacobsen, Bellevue Resident
Douglas Mathews, Former Bellevue Planning Commissioner (Lake Hills)
Al Garman, Bellevue Resident
Cathy Habib, Bellevue Volunteer of the Year
Robert Graham, Bellevue Resident (Woodridge)
Ross McIvor, Bellevue Resident
Melinda and Walter Andrews, Bellevue Residents (Cherry Crest)
Sonja Rossman, 1st Vice Chair, KCD and PCO 41st LD Democrats
Richard Champion, 1st Vice-Chair - PCO/Membership Chair (30th District Dems) and 2nd Vice-Chair - PCO/Membership Recruitment Chair, KCDCC
Bellevue Fire Fighters
Master Builders Association
National Women's Political Caucus of Washington
King County Young Democrats
King County Democrats 
41st District Democrats
48th District Democrats
Physical Therapy Association of Washington
American Physical Therapy Association
Aerospace Machinists
ATU 587
Cascade Bicycle Club
Building and Construction Trades
Sierra Club
Muni League of King County Rating: Very Good
The Seattle Times: A strong endorsement
Voted Bellevue Reporter's "Best Public Figure" 2013

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